through thousands

straws, strap
Toutes les couleurs sont autorisées à condition que cela n’empêche pas le commerce
2011 Galerie Hoffmann Frankfurt Allemagne
2009 Szczecin Museum of contemporary art Pologn
2008 BWA Katowice Pologne
2007 Atelier 340 Bruxelles
When you look from far, you can see a dark disk hovering in mid-height of the room. Coming closer, we see that the disk starts to become iridescent, and after a while it vanishes, turning into a transparent screen, a fine translucent film. As if pixellized the space becomes visible through a fragmented filter. However, by looking from another point of view, the multicolour straws will reveal their real nature and dimensions. There are no special effects here; on the contrary, it’s only an optical phenomenon resulting from the simple gathering of straws.