The market
Installation and performance
Parallel Events Manifesta9
curated by Michela Sacchetto & Francesca Berardi

On Saturday morning at the market, the witch Putheks tells her story:
In 1725, a poor illegitimate girl was accused of witchcraft. She was sentenced to be burnt. But during the journey towards the place of execution, she managed to escape and mysteriously disappeared into a hole. People called her the Putheks, the witch of the hole. For centuries, people held her responsible for all that was unexplained. When the mines were established in Genk in the early 20th century, the Putheks started a new life. People used to say that she lived in the mine galleries and persecuted the miners in their work.
Today, as the mines have closed, she is unemployed and tries to make a new business. She invites passers-by to buy her product: magic coals.